Granite Polishing Tools & Granite Polishing Kit

It forms an important part of both residential and commercial spaces like kitchen slabs. But granite has a coarse grain structure giving it a very rough surface that’s full of irregularities. So to make it usable in construction work,Granite Polishing Tools & Granite Polishing Kit Articles first it must be worked and refined to the given tolerances. At the fabrication stage, a granite stone goes through many different processes to attain its final shape and structure and Granite polishing is the final act of this show.


Granite polishing is of two installing granite countertops types: simple and complex. While the simple method consists of cleaning the surface with the use of a buffer or microfiber cloth so as to remove any dust and maintain the shine temporarily, complex polishing is the practice of smoothing the rough surface by removing the top layer with the use of a tool made of a harder material. The complex method may further have several categories depending upon the tool used and the level of finish achieved such as Grinding, Honing and Polishing.


Granite Polishing Tools consist of grinders, low and medium-grit diamond pads, granite polish and granite polishing pads. All these tools are used at different stages. Starting with grinding, it’s a rough-polishing process and its main purpose is to remove as much material as possible in a quick time. So the material removal rate is very high. The tool consists of a grinding wheel composed of an abrasive. It can be dry or wet but wet is preferred for low-dust during polishing or grinding.